DD_LOGOWelcome to the soon to be completed website of DONALEE DESIGNS

It’s true… I stopped making jewelry, closed the retail jewelry store stopped selling wholesale.  All with the plan to rest, relax and smell the roses as the saying goes!  Ha!   I’ve just replaced one obsession with another!  Since the fall of 2012 I’ve studied Art with some of the best designers, quilt makers and colorists on the planet.  I’m wildly grateful for all I’ve absorbed from each of these great teachers.  While I do a little painting, art journaling, dyeing of fabric, surface design and teaching, my main focus is machine piecing of art in the form of quilts.  I’m drawn to dynamic, complex abstract designs.I’m not afraid to use all the tools in my belt.

One of these days, I’ll offer some of my quilts, hand dyed fabric and a few jewelry items for sale on this website. Please check back again soon or email me if you are interested in something particular.

Thanks, Donalee